Captain Larry Puckett and his wife Laura Puckett built the Ruling Passion in their back yard in Virginia. After launching the 45ft trimaran they and their children set out on a sailors adventure to the Caribbean. Today Larry, Laura, Catherine and John share their Ruling Passion with those who want to experience the joy of trimaran sailing. 

There is nothing else like it!

Licence: Ruling Passion is licensed by the United States Coast Guard and can serve up to 25 guests per charter.

Mission Statement: To provide a relaxing, fun and safe sailing experience for all our guests on Block Island.

Benefits: Explore the pristine waters and shoreline of Block Island.  Sailing is an activity that all members of a group, family can enjoy together.

Suitable Events: Ruling Passion Charters attracts a series of events ranging from wedding activities, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate reward events and team building seminars,